ASD Awareness Mask

ASD Awareness Mask

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Wear your autism pride! The rainbow-colored infinity symbol represents the diversity of the autism spectrum

XS | children 3-5 years
S | children 6-12 years
M | teens & women
L | men

  • Stay safe
    3-layer fabric mask (2 layers of cotton or linen, 1 layer non-woven interfacing) provides the amount of filtration recommended by the CDC without restricting airflow

  • Stay dry
    This mask is designed to stand away from your mouth, minimizing wetness with prolonged use

  • Be heard! 
    Distance between fabric and your mouth doesn't muffle your voice

  • Stay comfortable
    Designed to fit securely and comfortably without nose-wire

  • Stay secure
    Comfortable on sensitive ears--ear loops are made from super soft and stretchy jersey, and adjust for a perfect fit

    This mask hangs securely around your neck when not in use, so it won't get misplaced or lost when taken off and on throughout your day.


    • This mask does NOT replace Personal Protective Equipment such as N95 or surgical masks


    • This mask does NOT protect, prevent, or mitigate diseases or viruses

    • This mask is best used for hobbies or over other gear as appropriate

    • See product image for fiber content | elastic may contain latex


    • Wash hot with regular detergent, re-shape and hang dry

    • Before putting on mask, wash or sanitize hands

    • Cover mouth and nose with mask to minimize gaps between your face and covering

    • Do NOT touch mask while wearing

    • When removing mask, remove from behind so that you don't touch the front. Place in a laundry bin, Ziploc bag, or wash immediately and sanitize hands.