A Slice For You!

The warm sunny days of summer are now distant memories. Summer vacation mode has quickly been replaced by the season of gathering and doing...Autumn. We love the vibrant colors, comfy scents, busy weekends, and long-held traditions in quick succession. Fall is filled with people, events, traditions, and fun. 

All the running, doing, planning, and gathering can spark great joy. It can also be a bit depleting when self-care routines are pushed to the side. It is a slow creep... shorter days, more obligations, less time to slice out for oneself. 

When we close the studio every evening, we always recap the day and review the tasks for the following one. Today, as we munched on Halloween candy (bad idea!), we admitted to feeling tired and lacking energy. We realized were running on empty. It's a good kind of empty because we have exciting changes for Beloved Bath (stay tuned!) and are happy and busy with our respective families and communities. We are taking care of our to-do lists and feeling great about what we are accomplishing. We took a pause today and realized that somewhere between summer and fall, we stopped carving out a slice of time for ourselves. 

No, we wont be jetting off to an exotic vacation or going on a yoga retreat (wouldn't that be nice!). We are going to be deliberate about once again setting aside some time every day to fill our cups. Pat is signing up for Zumba classes.  I am planning to sit on my couch with a book, some tea, and a Spiritual Sage candle. Let this be a reminder to slice out some time for you.

Cheers to whatever fills your cup!



Pam and Pat



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