Our Story

 We founded Beloved Bath in order to  provide meaningful employment for our children, and others, with autism.  We first met on the playground when our older children were toddlers. Years later, our younger sons, Justin and John, were diagnosed with autism within months of each other. The bonds of our friendship deepened as we dedicated ourselves to finding ways to help our children thrive and flourish.

The idea for Beloved Bath was sparked when we discovered the magic of relaxing salt and lavender baths. The boys were more calm, centered, and happy after a soak. Justin and John enjoyed making the bath mixtures with us. Looking to expand on the sense of accomplishment the boys felt while creating soothing bath salts, we branched out into other products, all designed to elevate your day.

Love and Good Energy
Justin, John, our trainees, and employees enjoy being able to help make Beloved Bath's unique products. Their joy and radiance enhance each and every product we offer. They are the reason we do what we do, and they are the source of Beloved Bath's love and positive energy.
Vocational Training and Employment
Our goal is to create meaningful employment for people with autism. To that end, we proudly partner with vocational programs and hire individuals with autism.  We also donate a portion of each sale to non-profits that provide vocational training for people with autism. Your support allows us to spread the reach of our program.
Inspiration and Creativity
Art has always been a special outlet, opening up endless avenues of expression and communication. The joy our team feels when they create is evident in their smiles and shows in their work. All of the one-of-a kind toppers on our Serenity Bath Salts and soap wrappers are created by people with autism, and our workshop is filled with vibrant colors and aromas - a pure sensory delight!
Pam and Pat