Our Story


Beloved Bath was born from love, friendship, and devotion. Pam and Pat first met on the playground with their older children before Justin and John were born. The bonds of their friendship grew years later when Justin and John were diagnosed with autism. Fierce moms, they threw themselves into finding ways to help their children thrive and flourish.

They discovered the magic of relaxing salt and lavender baths. The boys were more calm, centered, and happy after a soak. Justin and John enjoyed making the bath mixtures with their moms. Their spirit, love, and energy fill every bottle. Looking to expand on the sense of accomplishment the boys felt while creating soothing bath salts, they branched out into soap making.  Most of the soaps are scented with essential oils that smell great and are very beneficial.

We hope you enjoy the positivity, relaxation, and good energy that come in every one of our products. 


Love and Good Vibrations

John and Justin love spending time together, and they enjoy being able to help make Beloved Bath's unique products. They are the reason we do what we do, and they are the source of Beloved Bath's love, energy, and good vibrations.


 Inspiration and Creativity

Art has always been a special outlet for the boys, opening up endless avenues of expression and communication. The joy they feel when they create is evident in their smiles, and shows in their work. Every bottle of Beloved Bath bath salts is topped with a one-of-kind wrapper, hand painted with love by John or Justin.  They revel in the scents and colors involved in making all of their beautiful products.


“The secret of art is love.” - Antoine Bourdelle