Our Story

A Chance Encounter 
The seed for Beloved Bath took root over 20 years ago.  We met on the playground when our older children were toddlers and immediately felt a strong connection.  Years later, our younger sons, Justin and John, were diagnosed with autism within months of each other. The bonds of our friendship deepened as we dedicated ourselves to finding ways to help our children thrive and flourish. The idea for Beloved Bath was sparked when we discovered the magic of relaxing salt and lavender baths. The boys were more calm, centered, and happy after a soak. Justin and John enjoyed making the bath mixtures with us. Looking to expand on the sense of accomplishment the boys felt while creating soothing bath salts, we branched out into other products, At the time, we were keenly aware that employment opportunities for adults with autism were scarce. If we wanted our emerging adults to have meaningful jobs, we needed to start something for them. We soon realized that we could amplify our impact and create a company with the mission of meaningful employment for people with autism.
Pam and Pat


Vocational Training and Employment
Our mission is to create meaningful employment for people with autism. To that end, we proudly partner with school based vocational programs and hire individuals with autism.  We also donate a portion of each sale to non-profits that provide vocational training for people with autism. Your support allows us to spread the reach of our program.