Our mantra - Joyous Employment

When it became apparent to us that Beloved Bath was going to grow from a fun hobby to a real business designed to provide jobs and job training for our sons and others with autism, we spent a lot of time talking, dreaming, imagining what this little hope could turn in to.  We kept coming back to the term "joyous employment."  For us joyous employment is the chance to do something that you like, in a place that is appealing, surrounded by people who "get" you, and having the chance to do something purposeful. 

Our soap and candle studio is a sensory delight- filled with beautiful colors, incredible scents and awesome music.  It is also a place of great flexibility and options.  On any given day there are so many different things that need to be done, so whenever possible, our workers get to choose their schedule and exercise their options.  

J.B. says, " I like all the different soaps like the snowflakes, when I work, I feel like I am a part of something bigger." 

Not all of our workers have the ability to speak and tell us how they feel, but we see the impact of joyous employment in their smiles and enthusiasm.  They love what they do.  Thank you for helping us put the joyous into their employment!



Pam and Pat

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  • This is so nice ! My son is 20 years old and leaving the school system soon and its a scary place to be . He loves working with his SLE jobs but will someone hire him after we leave the school system ?? Not likely …. Your candles and soaps look lovely !! Best of luck !!

    Lisa Minervini

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