Our New Studio July 2021

Almost five years ago, we launched our labor of love, Beloved Bath. The idea for our mission-based company came from two fronts. First, we had the deep desire to create job opportunities for our boys (then teenagers) and others with autism.  Second, we and our boys were loving every minute of creating and packaging the lavender bath salts. It was a fun activity with a soothing and relaxing outcome.

Kismet--a need and a passion collided.

We decided to give it a go. Our enthusiasm for creating beautiful, elevating products and meaningful employment coupled with the absolute best and most loyal customer base- led us to this moment.

This week, we moved from a home/school-based business into our first leased manufacturing facility. This new and beautiful space will allow us to hire more individuals with autism, give our current staff more hours, and add in new school-based vocational training partnerships. 

We are happy and overwhelmed with gratitude for your support and encouragement, and that we will continue to provide joyous, dignified, and meaningful job opportunities for people with autism.
Pam and Pat





  • Please tell the boys “thank you” from a grandpa. Your grapefruit soap makes me smile and feel bubbly all day long. A great job for great boys.

    Jeff Bender
  • Wonderful news as you pioneered this cause! So happy to see this business evolve. Blessings and good luck for continued success!

    Sylvia Hanna
  • Dear Pam and Pat,
    Congratulations on your new beautiful work space! May you achieve
    great succes in the wonderful mission you’ve created so courageously!

    Hope Niman Prpsky

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