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Did you know that smell is the sense most closely linked to memory and emotion? An olfactory encounter can evoke vivid and detailed memories as well as strong feelings. When I need a pick-me-up (hello Spring!), I dive into citrus mode. Citrus scents always uplift and energize me, as well as elevate my mood.

I am craving longer days, brighter skies, blooming greenery, and the care-free feeling that Spring evokes. Although we are a few weeks away, citrus scents fast forward me right into that Spring mindset.

I find myself adding a bright yellow lemon slice to my water and upping my intake of citrus fruits.  The candle that I am burning now is Pink Grapefruit.  It is also my  soap of choice until our limited edition Lemon Verbena pops onto the website. I have a colorful array of mugs for coffee and tea. Lately, you will find me drinking bergamot-infused tea in a lime green or lemony yellow mug.  

It may still be cold and gray outside, but I'm doing my citrusy best to bring Spring here a little sooner.




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