What is "meaningful employment?"

We wanted to tell you a bit about what "meaningful employment" looks like at Beloved Bath.

Employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum are very hard to find. This amazing workforce is overlooked and underutilized. We know first-hand that people with autism can make great contributions to society. But, sadly, unemployment statistics for those with autism are around 85% and even higher for those with profound autism- like our sons. People with profound autism may have a limited ability to communicate and thrive without supports in place. With supports, people across the autism spectrum can be successful and productive members of a team - they have a lot to offer. With this in mind, we decided to start Beloved Bath so that our sons and others across the autism spectrum could have opportunities for vocational training and meaningful employment. We believe "meaningful" employment is doing something that makes a person feel a sense of pride and accomplishment while earning money for their work. Meaningful employment is empowerment! 

All of our employees get paid for their work. Pay rates start at or above minimum wage and go up from there. We are proud that for many of our employees, this is their first paying job. Some of our employees have job coaches who help them. Other employees do not require assistance or coaching beyond working with a Beloved Bath supervisor. Utilizing a job coach has no impact on salary. 

In addition to employment at Beloved Bath, we offer an internship program in partnership with accredited schools. We are proud that several of our interns have graduated from school and now are employed by Beloved Bath.

It is more than a paycheck, a place to go, a job to do.... Beloved Bath is about a community of individuals working together, forming friendships, and showing up for each other. It is magical...joyous....meaningful. 


Pam and Pat





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  • I have a 12 year old grandson. On spectrum. You give me hope. He is verry smart, but about 2 years behind. God Bless You for finding the good quality I these Beautiful Young Aduults.

    Jacqueline Dollive

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