World Autism Day 2024

Did you catch some of our crew on the news?  For World Autism Month, NBC News wanted to shine some light on Beloved Bath and our mission of autism employment.

Employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum are scarce. This amazing workforce is overlooked and underutilized. Unemployment statistics for autistic people are around 85%, and are even higher for those with profound autism. With supports, people across the autism spectrum can be successful and productive members of a team - they have a lot to offer.

At Beloved Bath, we believe "meaningful" employment is doing something that makes a person feel a sense of pride and accomplishment while earning money for their work. It is empowerment! It is more than a paycheck, a place to go, a job to do... Beloved Bath is about a community of individuals working together, forming friendships, and showing up for each other. Our team takes pride in making and packaging beautiful, feel-good products. We hope you enjoy our products and spread the word about our mission and our amazing team.

Check out the news clip:



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